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A 3-month group program for women who want to revolt against all the ‘shoulds’ in life and create a life that they love, not settle for, with no fear and no regrets.

3 months

3 coaches

1 BOLD transformation

The Uprising begins on September 27th.

Midlife BOLD Uprising

What is Midlife BOLD Uprising All About? 




Confidence Building




It’s about ‘clearing the muck’ and the ‘clutter’ of confusion by giving you ONE method to follow to uncover your inner guidance system so you can successfully navigate ANYTHING using this framework.

It’s a supportive community where you will explore all the things that hold you back, get to the root of those things, learn tools to change your patterns, get unstuck and take action.

It’s a roadmap that takes you out of overwhelm, ‘analysis paralysis’, and fear to confidence, clarity, and empowerment.

It’s about helping you intentionally curate and create new life experiences and conditions on purpose rather than continuing to live on autopilot.

It’s about connecting with other BOLD midlife women who are also stepping up, scared and all, to say ‘enough is enough,’ where the conversations are different, committed to growth, not staying stuck.

It’s about shifting decades of patterns of beliefs and behaviors so you can live the life you want, not the one that used to light you up and not one that you’re settling for.

It’s about celebrating aging as a privilege and learning how to live in a way that fits your life now, this season. Not the past.

It’s about conquering fear so you make decisions based on hope, optimism, and abundance, not fear, lack, and scarcity.

It’s about YOU.
It’s about taking the time now to create a life 1, 5, 10 years from now you don’t look back on with regret. If not now, then when?