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During the last several years, my coaching partnership with Loukia has supported me through several life changes. However, this last year, I made the decision to leave the security of a job I loved to pursue a new position that would give me health benefits. As a single mom of two teens, this was a scary step out of my comfort zone. Making this change was empowering and I showed myself I could accomplish anything. Especially for the benefit of our lives and financial situation.


BOLD 40-something

Loukia has been my coach for a little over two years.  All my life, I have had a mindset that my life was not complete, that I was not complete, if I wasn’t perfect.  I have struggled for years and never was truly happy because these perfection goals were unattainable.  Loukia has helped me to drastically change my mindset and find the goals I truly want.  She has made me realize I can let go of the constant pressure I put on myself.  She has this innate sense of when people need her.  Loukia is caring, supportive, and very matter of fact.  I've developed the mindset I needed on this midlife journey to be my best self.  I cannot thank her enough.


BOLD 50-something

Loukia's insights in our weekly sessions were invaluable. She has a way of making me come up with my own successful solutions by having me analyze why something did or didn't work until I got to a solution that worked all the time! She has a very positive style and always made me see ways to celebrate progress even when I felt I was stalling. I came away from each session 100% energized to face my challenges anew and with revised tools to do so based on our discussions.


BOLD 60-something

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