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Brave Module 1

The Core Values Midlife Makeover

Brave Module 2 

Unpacking Your Superpowers

Brave Module 3

Confronting F.E.A.R. 

Brave Module 4

Comfort Zone to Growth Zone

Brave Module 5

Risk and Reward

Optimistic Module 1

Positive Psychology

Optimistic Module 2 


Limitless Module 1

The Power of Intentions

Limitless Module 2 

The Power of Manifesting

Limitless Module 3

The Power of Visualization

Decisive Module 1

Your BOLD Vision​

Decisive Module 2 

Your BOLD Goals​

Decisive Module 3

From FEAR to Action

I was featured in VoyageChicago Magazine as part of their series: Chicago's Most Inspiring Stories. After a massive health transformation in midlife, risking it all and leaving a secure, full time six-figure salary at the age of 46 to become an entrepreneur, I share why I risked it all and made big changes in midlife.  

I was a featured guest in the podcast series, Voices from the Field from the TURN organization to discuss my own journey of transformation and to share my expertise on what it looks like to have a comprehensive school wellness program.  Voices from the Field is a podcast series featuring insights from educational experts across the country.

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