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Join me for 6 weeks

Monday & Friday Mornings
February 6 - March 17
7am Central


Start your mornings off in a community of other midlife women who want and need to be part of a motivating and inspiring group to get unstuck and move forward in life with intention and not by default.

  • Join in wearing your PJs, work clothes, or lounge clothes.

  • Bring your cup of coffee, tea, or whatever drink you please.

  • Have your make up on or not.

  • Do your hair or come with a 'messy hair, don't care' attitude.

Most important, just show up!

We'll start our Monday mornings with a brief intention setting meditation and then I'll coach you on strategies you can use to help you get unstuck, how to make decisions and evaluate risk, how to overcome fear, practice self-compassion, and how to take the next right step to get closer to accomplishing your goals and dreams!

This can be a scary and uncertain time in life OR it can be a really exciting time filled with inspiration and anticipation for new opportunities.

If you are in need of support, accountability, community, inspiration, motivation, connection with other midlife women, and you need to learn tools and strategies to take inspired action in 2023 so you can move forward, join me for this 6-week session!

Mondays  | 7-8am Central

Fridays     | 7-7:30am Central

We'll meet on Zoom, have a private Facebook group to stay connected, and you'll get to access me in between meetings using the messaging app, Voxer. More details on all of this will be emailed prior to our start date.

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