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Don't let your life get smaller as you get older.

How would it feel if you looked forward to midlife instead of dreading it?

What if you woke up excited, energized, and hopeful about all that you can do as a midlife woman?

What if you were able to be confident in your decisions so that you can create your life on your terms, finally?


What if  you refused to settle for the same old existence? What if you could make your life bigger, not smaller, with each passing year?

Stop waiting for the right time.

You're in midlife.

The time is right now.


Coaching with Loukia

I made BOLD changes in midlife and continue to into my 50s:

  • At age 44, I lost 60 pounds

  • At age 45, I started yoga teacher training as the oldest member of my class

  • At age 46, I quit my 20-year career 

  • At age 47, I started my first business

  • At age 48, I moved 2000 miles west from the only home I ever knew to live by the ocean

  • At age 49, I started my own podcast


How did I have the courage to make these changes?

I enlisted the help of a coach who kept me accountable, helped me to recognize my strengths and gave me the tools that I needed to take BOLD action. Now, I want to help YOU create the BOLD changes your midlife is calling for. 

If you're ready to create a second act that is full of hope, joy, fun, new adventures, and dreams fulfilled, then we should absolutely work together.  Let me help you create a midlife experience that goes against all the stereotypes of what women "of a certain age" should be and do. Together, we can shake up midlife and make it the best years of your life.


You deserve to live the life you want not the one you're supposed to want.

Personalized One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • Initial planning and strategy session

  • Regular weekly private coaching

  • Accountability check-ins 

  • Support via email, text & virtual community

  • Lifetime access to virtual coaching course


Minimum 6-month commitment for private coaching


MiDLiFE iN BOLD Manifesto


I own the power of my life experience. I embrace my age and know my worth. I will not let fear rule my choices and decisions.


I am proud of my past, even my failures, because it has made me strong. My best years of my life are ahead of me, not behind me.


I believe that I can have the life I dream of because anything is possible for me. I am unstoppable.


I am empowered to take action and to make change because it’s time for me to put myself first, finally.

I am living midlife in BOLD.