Meet Loukia

A Master Midlife Mindset Coach
Helping Women Redefine the Midlife Experience

Midlife is not the time for you to wind down and give up on living the life you imagined because you're too old. It's not the time to let go of living life on your terms because it's too late. You don't have to live the same old life over and over because nobody your age takes risks.


Absolutely Not.


Midlife is the opposite of all of that.

It’s time to wind up and to start living

Midlife in



Who says you can't reinvent yourself in midlife? I call bullshit! After climbing the ranks in my career as a top school administrator in the Chicago area public education system and "making it to the top," I really didn't like the view. I was unhealthy. I was unfulfilled. I was miserable. That is no way to live, especially in my second act.


So, with 20 years of experience, great benefits, and a guaranteed pension, I quit! 

Now, I am on a mission to redefine what midlife looks and feels like for women.

After over 40 years of saying 'NO' to myself, I finally said, 'YES.'

I said YES to:

  • My health and lost 60 pounds at 44

  • Becoming a yoga teacher at 45

  • Leaving a 20-year career & a 6-figure salary at 46

  • Starting my own coaching practice at 47

  • Moving 2000 miles away to live by the ocean at 48

  • Launching my own podcast at 49

  • Embracing my age with "hell yes" vs "oh no" at 50

This is just my beginning.

I'm making my second act the best act and I want to help you do the same.

Breaking Midlife Stereotypes

In my 20s, I thought I had learned all the rules of "adulting."

In my 30s, I crashed and burned following those rules.
In my 40s and beyond, I'm creating my own BOLD rules.


I believe that being brave is the key to living life on your terms. I also believe you can learn to be brave even if you don't see yourself that way at first. Facing fears and owning your strengths will lead you to a path of bravery. This bravery will open doors for you that you never imagined possible.


I believe in being optimistic, even when circumstances aren't ideal. Positive energy creates more positive energy. The good thing is that you've already overcome so much. You can overcome any future challenges that are ahead on your way to a bold midlife.


I believe that all things are possible with the right mindset, strategies, and tools. Now, more than ever, is the time in your life to do all those things you always said you wanted to do. You are limitless but time is not. No time like the present to embrace the limitless possibilities in your life.


I believe in taking imperfect action. Your first attempt at doing something new won't be pretty. That's just a fact. Messy is where I live because it's where I learn the most about myself.  Midlife is the perfect time to be decisive because it's time to create the "what's next" phase right now.  

It's your time to start living

Midlife in BOLD.