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Hi, I'm Loukia!

I know what it takes to get out of a midlife slump and get unstuck. 


I wish I had a coach to save me a decade of struggle.















Ever try to make a change when absolutely no one around you is trying to do the same thing? Especially other women in midlife? You know the ones I’m talking about. They talk about how old they are, and make self-deprecating jokes about themselves even though they are still vital with all this life ahead of them. Yeah, those women.

I see far too many women surrender to their age way too soon. They stop making BOLD plans for exploration and adventure. They don’t make goals that make them even a little bit scared.  So, what happens? They begin to shut down, and their world and lives begin to shrink. They are literally calling it “game over” by 40-something. 

Nothing gets me more fired up than hearing midlife women say, “Well at our age, we really shouldn’t do that…” Nope. No. Negative. Midlife is a time to stop “shoulding” yourself and start saying “yes” to everything you want to do, have, or be.






But, it’s hard to make change alone. 


Trust me, I know. I’ve been there.


The good news? I can help you make your midlife years your best years yet.



I work one-on-one with driven, midlife women just like me. Women looking for encouragement and guidance from someone who has made massive change in her own midlife.  Women who want to be Brave and Optimistic, who are open to embracing a Limitless mindset and a Decisive will. Women who want to be BOLD in their midlife so that they can live a life of passion and purpose with no regrets. 

Do you:

  • Feel stuck in your life because you think it's too late to have the life you want?

  • Believe that you've missed your window of opportunity to make big changes because you're too old?

  • Consistently struggle with weight, stress, or following through on your goals?

  • Lack confidence because of past failures, loss, and rejection?

  • Compare yourself to what other women your age are doing with their life and feel "less than?"



What prevents most women from changing their lives, from the inside out, is that they lack confidence, accountability, and a positive mindset. On top of that, they are not surrounded by other midlife women who want the same things so they feel alone or even guilty for wanting a better, bolder life experience.

That's where one-on-one coaching with me is invaluable.

  • I help midlife women create the “what’s next” phase of their life with renewed energy, purpose & clarity.

  • I teach women how to connect with their bravery, approach midlife with optimism, embrace the belief that there are no limits, and take decisive action so that they can finally live life on their terms and have no regrets.

  • My clients feel empowered to make bold choices that go against all the stereotypes of what women "of a certain age" should be and do in order to create a life full of hope, joy, fun, new adventures, and dreams fulfilled.

You deserve to live the life you want not the life you're supposed to want.

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